"We Have Not Forgotten”: Palestinian Evening Get Together Held by PCPA

"We Have Not Forgotten”: Palestinian Evening Get Together Held by PCPA

On Friday, 21 August 2020, the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) held a Palestinian evening get together, entitled "We Have Not Forgotten", coinciding with the 51st anniversary of the burning of the al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969 by the Australian extremist "Michael Rohan".

Several Palestinian activists and artists participated in the event, each recounting his / her experience and story of success.

Sheikh Salah El-Din Salah (85) is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and a former teacher at the UNRWA. Today, Sheikh Salah resides in the Gaza refugee camp in Jordan. Sharing his story, he spoke of emigration from Palestine and remembered the details of his hometown there.

Despite the exodus and displacement from Palestine, he said, Palestinians did not forget homeland. He even kept a track of the Palestinian holidays and celebrated them at school, calling on parents and teachers to teach and instil in their children the importance of the return.

The poet Mazhar Asif also contributed to the evening, reciting a number of poems on Palestine. The munshids Abdulfattah Owainat and Mohammad Ayesh, for their part, chanted several hymns.

Malak al-Amar, the youngest refugee representative in the Middle East, addressed refugee affairs organizations, defining them as institutions concerned with meeting the needs of refugees.

She said that refugees everywhere have been able to prove themselves through the many achievements they realized, emphasizing that refugee rights organizations are there only to assist refugees in obtaining their rights and not to prove them as worthy individuals.

Al-Amar added that any person deprived of a certain right is a person with a cause, whose main goal is to claim that right back, stressing that this was the reason that urged her to be part of refugee rights organizations.

Furthermore, the event witnessed the participation of two Palestinian students Saja Abu Jaber and Rahaf Turab, who scored 100% in high school in Jordan and who spoke about their success stories.

As for the youth activist Osama Abu Ihsaiban, he shed a light on the youth initiatives they launch at Palestinian camps, which vary between in-kind aid and educational courses.