The International Criminal Court before a historic test, Mutaz al-Masloukhi

The International Criminal Court before a historic test, Mutaz al-Masloukhi

The Chairman of the Legal Committee at the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), lawyer Mutaz al-Masloukhi, said that the International Criminal Court is facing a real and historical test in assuming its legal and humanitarian responsibilities to achieve justice for the Palestinian people.

In an exclusive statement, al-Masloukhi told PCPA that:

“The International Criminal Court is before a real test as to guarantee that Israeli war criminals would not escape punishment, and to put a limit to the horrendous crimes committed against the Palestinian people.”

On Friday evening, 17 July 2020, the court took its annual leave and postponed its decision concerning starting an investigation into the Israeli occupation’s violations in Palestine.

Al-Masloukhi added:

“The delay, at such a critical stage, gives further hope to Palestinian people, the oppressed and the free spirits of the world that the time for justice is soon to come.”

He pointed out that the commanders of the occupation, militants and politicians are fretting over international accountability for the crimes they committed against Palestinians, which rendered thousands of people casualties.

The Pre-trial chamber was supposed to decide whether the General-Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has the power to start an investigation against the Israeli occupation and to determine its geographical scope.

Last May, Fatou Bensouda announced that the grounds needed to start an investigation into war crimes in Palestine exist, covering the West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.