UAE is not entitled to legally represent Palestinians and normalization deal violates international conventions, Mutaz al-Masloukhi

UAE is not entitled to legally represent Palestinians and normalization deal violates international conventions, Mutaz al-Masloukhi

The Legal Committee of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) denounced the UAE-Israeli Occupation normalization deal, declared by the US President Donald Trump a few days ago.

The committee regards the deal as a part of the so-called “deal of the century” and a contribution into the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

Head of the Committee, attorney Mutaz al-Masloukhi, said:

“This deal is a blatant violation of the International Law and UN resolutions. For this reason, it lacks all legal value and is not obligatory.”

He added:

“The UAE is not entitled to any legal representation of the Palestinian people, or speaking on its behalf or in its name. It does not have the right to compromise or negotiate over the authentic and established legal rights of the Palestinian people, which the international community recognizes based on the international legitimacy.”

Furthermore, he pointed out to the fact that this deal is an obvious breach of the Palestinian people’s right into self-determination, freedom and independence of national soil, adding that:

“In essence, the deal is an attempt at establishing the Israeli occupation, granting the crimes it commits a legitimate description, and a clearance of its more than 70 years long criminal history.”

Al-Masloukhi believes that the normalization between the UAE and the Israeli Occupation is “a declared Emirati recognition of the occupation’s sovereignty over the occupied Palestinian land, including al-Quds, and a squandering of its Islamic and Christian holy places, as well as an encouragement of the occupation to complete its colonialist project and expand its hegemony over the entirety of occupied Palestine.”

He added:

“This deal is a reward to the Zionist war criminals and political and military commanders of the Israeli occupation for their crimes against the Palestinian people. It is also a call to exempt them from international punishment and criminal accountability.”

He stressed that the annexation of the occupied Palestinian land, including the West Bank and the Jordan Valley is a war crime, a crime against humanity and a flagrant violation of the International Law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. Moreover, it is a breach of the UN charter and hundreds of resolutions passed by the UN Security Council and General Assembly. Accordingly, “the annexation must not be the object of deals between two states, let alone a member of the UN and the Israeli authority, which is the occupier of Palestine.”

He noted that as a UN member, the UAE is obliged, under the UN charter and the international legitimacy resolutions, to guarantee that Israel, the occupier state, adheres to its obligations under the International Law without restrictions or conditions, including ceasing its occupation of the Palestinian lands, stopping settlement actions and cancelling annexation plans.

He added:

“The UAE is legally obliged to refuse the annexation plans, to demand that the authorities of the Israeli occupation adhere to International laws and abide by the international legitimacy laws, and not to encourage Israel, as the occupation, in keeping up the violations of the International Law or offering it the political legitimacy to do so.”