The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad concludes its second meeting of the General Authority in Istanbul

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad concludes its second meeting of the General Authority in Istanbul
Adoption of new members and issuance of final communiqué
The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad concludes its second meeting of the General Authority in Istanbul
- Istanbul
The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad concluded the second meeting of the General Authority of the Conference, which lasted for two days in Istanbul in the presence of the Presidency and members of the Commission and the General Secretariat of the Conference.
The Chairman of the General Authority of the Conference, Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, said that the number of participants in the Popular Conference has been increasing since its inception in 2017. At the same time, he stressed the keenness of the conference at the second meeting of the commission on the efficiency and quality of the new members joining it from all the places of the Palestinian people abroad.
The conference began its official activities for the first day by organizing three sessions. The first session was reception and registration, and the speech was given by the Chairman of the General Authority Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, and by Secretary-General Munir Shafik, as well as the adoption of the agenda for the Conference. During the second session, the Secretariat's report for 2017 was presented and discussed in detail. The third session was devoted to the adoption of the membership of the new members of the General Authority of the Conference. The strategic plan was presented by the Secretariat, and the discussion of the determinants of the Conference speech and the Committee's final statement.
The activities of the second day included three sessions, the first of which was to present the projects and the work of the Popular Conference 2018-2018. The second session was to present the rules of procedure of the conference. The third session included the presentation of the document and the popular initiatives, and then the presentation of the statement and the determinants of the conference speech. At the end of the meeting, the final statement was read at a press conference.
During the meetings, the General Authority discussed the work of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad during the fifteen months since its first session. The General Authority appreciated the movements, events and activities that the conference took place since its inception, including Balfour Centennial, the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, developments regarding Al-Quds and supporting major return marches and prisoners' strikes.
It is worth mentioning that the conference organized a symposium entitled “Al-Quds and the Trump Resolutions: Motivations, Challenges and Ways of Confrontation”, held on the sidelines of the conference with the participation of a group of Palestinian intellectuals to address Trump's decision and the current crisis in the Palestinian cause. The symposium included three guests: Dr. Anis Kassem, lawyer, expert on international law, and President of the First Session of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, Dr. Rima Khalaf al-Hnaidi, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), and the Palestinian poet and professor of political science and international relations Tamim al-Barghouthi. Another symposium was held in which experts and researchers on refugee issues discussed developments in the Palestinian refugee issue in the light of recent developments that seek to end the Palestinian cause, the latest of which is called “the deal of the century”.
In addition, the results of the cartoon contest (resist through the drawing feather) “Bil Risha Noqawim”, which was launched as part of the Balfour Centennial Campaign organized by the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad in October and November 2017, were also announced.
The Commission warned in its final statement of its rejection of the new project which threatens the Palestinian cause and what is known as the “Deal of the Century”, and warns of it, and the threats and risks it will bring to multiple areas.. The Commission expressed its confidence that our people and nation are capable of mobilizing forces and concerted efforts to counter this plan and thwart it.
It also appreciated the popular movement around the world and the Arab and international positions in the face of the Trump decision on Al-Quds, and stressed the importance of continuing this movement and developing these positions, which further isolates the American and Zionist position.
The Commission stressed in its final statement that the task of developing the national role of the Palestinians abroad and their participation in the Palestinian political decision must be based on the restructuring of the Palestine Liberation Organization as the legitimate representative of all Palestinians. Through democratic and fair elections to elect a new national council to produce an executive committee and declare a comprehensive national program after the elimination of the Oslo Accords and to end its harmful consequences for the rights of the Palestinian people.
The commission warned of the dangers of targeting UNRWA and weakening it and its implications for the plight of Palestinian refugees and the consequent increase in the suffering of the Palestinian people, and stressed the need for the Agency to continue to carry out its duties towards our people; until the return to the land and the homes that were abandoned, and to demand the lifting of forms of suffering and collective and individual punishment and displacement of all the Palestinian people in the places of asylum, and to provide decent living and protection and safety, and give it all human and civil rights.
At the end of its statement, the General Authority pledged its Palestinian people to continue to mobilize the energies of Palestinians abroad and their potentials, to preserve the principles of our people, defend their rights, rebuild their representative institutions and achieve the widest national unity to launch a popular uprising.