Press conference held by PCPA

Press conference held by PCPA

Istanbul, Tuesday, 28 July 2020 — The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) held a press conference to hail the national harmony which the Palestinian landscape has been recently witnessing and celebrate the integral action inside and outside Palestine seeking to combat plans aiming at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

Several Palestinian figures participated in the conference, each adding to the statements that PCPA voiced concerning the latest developments in Palestine and the changes underwent by its political atmosphere.

Director of the Palestine Solidarity Association (FİDDER), Mohammad Mishenish cautioned against the risks the Palestinian cause is surrounded with, saying that:

“The fatal plans against the Palestinian cause demand a response compatible with the volume of these threats.”

He added:

“This was reflected on the understandings and dialogues between the components of the Palestinian people wherever they are, both inside Palestine and abroad. We saw the immediate impact of these threats on the Palestinian factions, and the ensuing national understandings regarding this matter.”

“Such understandings,” he said, “require that they have actual support from the Palestinian people, in a general response that makes an exception of no one while facing these threats.”

Commenting on PCPA’s role, he stressed that:

“Its role is key for constructing a coherent national state that transcends borders and moves across continents commensurate with the size of the threat and with the possibilities that the Palestinian people possess.”

Taha Odeh, head of the Palestinian Media Gathering in Turkey, stressed the importance of the media in defending the Palestinian cause as one of the factors of victory or defeat.

He explained that:

"Journalists and PCPA have great responsibilities in addressing the Palestinian issue, taking into consideration the regression suffered by the Palestinian issue in the Arab and foreign media because the media is busy with hot regional and international matters."

On behalf of the Society of Palestinian Engineers in Turkey, Eng. Muhammad Al-Hams, the society’s Vice President, stressed the need to establish professional gatherings and mobilize their efforts in the diaspora to support the Palestinian cause.

He said:

"As engineers and professionals in the diaspora, we must work to develop the status of Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine, and this is all to support the Palestinian cause and confront the occupation by pooling efforts."

Al-Hams called for "working to bring all Palestinian institutions abroad together under one umbrella, including professionals, academics, engineers, doctors and others to support the Palestinian cause."

Majed al-Zeer, chargé d'affaires of PCPA’s General Assembly, made a statement summing up PCPA’s stance and position of several matters on the ground, with a stress on the importance of integrating Palestinians in the diaspora into the political decision making process.

The full version of the statement:

Press conference held by the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Istanbul — Tuesday, 28 July 2020

"Embracing the national convergence in the Palestinian space and heading towards an integral action inside and outside Palestine to challenge the plans aiming at the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.”

Our Palestinian cause and people are enduring exceptional conditions today and a critical phase, under which it became clear to close and distant observers that the US-backed Zionist plans, seeking to annul the Palestinian rights through the so-called “deal of the century”, are imposing unilateral solutions on all the cause’s subject matters, showing, thus, no regard to any of the international laws or norms and going against all the UN-related resolutions and treaties.

Aware of this multidimensional situation, the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) — which functions as a collective popular body that toils to bring Palestinians abroad into the struggle against the Zionist entity according to a manifest strategy and vision, while having faith in the role of Palestinians in the diaspora under these difficult circumstances, a role that complements that of Palestinians inside the country and makes a chief source of support for their firmness and steadfastness in the face of the conspiracies targeting them — delineates a number of focal points and instrumental initiatives:

PCPA salutes the steadfast Palestinian people, holding to patience inside and outside Palestine; it also stresses people’s right into practicing all forms of resistance against the Zionist occupation within the legal borders of the International Law.

PCPA prides itself on the Palestinians’, inside the occupied territories and abroad, firm grip onto the right to return home, a right subject not to veto, partition, delegation, exchange or circumvention, for it is a collective and individual right that is irreversible and inalienable.

PCPA holds dear the national dialogue recently initiated by Palestinian factions. It accentuates the importance of this step and the need to develop it further to reach a true Palestinian cohesion. The latter is to advance the Palestinian national struggle and enhance its steadfastness to achieve national unity based on commitment to the resistance’s plans and the Palestinian National Charter of 1964 and 1968.

PCPA affirms that the task of revitalizing the national role of Palestinians abroad and their participation in the Palestinian political decision must be based on restructuring the Palestine Liberation Organization as the legitimate representative of all Palestinians by conducting fair and transparent democratic elections that lead to a new national council, which is to produce an executive committee capable of developing a national program hinging on breaking from the Oslo Accords and liquidating its legacy that continues to harm the rights of the Palestinian people.

PCPA salutes the steadfastness of our people in alQuds (Jerusalem) and their sustained uprisings, and warns of the danger of the annexation plans and the Zionist attacks on Islamic and Christian holy sites and calls on the Arab and Islamic nation and the liberals of the world to support our people there and thwart the schemes aimed at them.

PCPA affirms the role of the Palestinian people abroad in supporting the resilience and resistance of our people and their uprisings at home against the Israeli occupation and in breaking the unjust siege imposed on our people in the Gaza Strip.

PCPA stresses the importance of preserving the Palestinian national identity, preventing its dissolution in the host and diaspora societies and working to develop the means to realize this.

PCPA calls for unleashing the energies of Palestinian young men and women wherever they are, and enabling them to advance their pioneering roles in the struggle for liberation; it also calls for encouraging all youth initiatives in various fields.

PCPA calls for supporting the steadfastness and struggle of Palestinian women at home and abroad.

PCPA calls on Arab states and others incubating Palestinians to provide them with protection and decent livelihood and grant them economic, social, civil and human rights, as well as freedom of movement and travel as they do not detract from their right to return but rather support them in fulfilling their role until the rights are restored.

PCPA salutes our steadfast people in the refugee camps and confirms its rejection of all plans aimed at dismantling or encroaching on these camps, which are living witnesses to the catastrophe. It also renews its rejection of all attempts to dry up UNRWA sources or distort the definition of the Palestinian refugee, which establishes the annulment of the right to return.

PCPA appreciates the distinguished role of international movements supporting the Palestinian right, political pressure groups, human rights organizations, and participants in ships breaking the siege on Gaza and the movements to boycott the Zionist occupation in the world, and those demanding that it be tried as a war criminal, and invites them to intensify their efforts to support Palestinian rights.

PCPA reaffirms once again the unitary steps announced by the Palestinian factions recently and which it hopes will result in a real unity and a unified Palestinian representation based on the Palestine Liberation Organization as a legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, adding that until our people can properly restructure the organization that includes all components of our Palestinian people, PCPA calls on people, institutions, components and bodies in various countries to launch a local unitary movement within the principle of preserving the national constants to begin achieving the following goals:

First: Confronting the occupation’s project and its arms in the world within the borders of international and domestic laws;

Second: Striving with all the available capabilities to support the resilience of our people at home, as well as assisting our people, when need arises, especially at the camps;

Third: Establishing the national identity of the Palestinians abroad for the younger generations and ensuring their involvement in the national work;

Fourth: Integration into local communities as citizens of equal rights, as it provides a civilized image of our people;

Fifth: Working seriously towards involving Palestinians abroad in Palestinian decision-making within democratic mechanisms.

In response to the requirements of this exceptional historical moment, and as a contribution to the national effort necessary to address the Zionist incursion and attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause, PCPA prepares to hold a conference entitled "Priorities of the Palestinian Cause in the Next Phase and the Required Role of Palestinians Abroad" which is scheduled for late September 2020.

To achieve further unity and cohesion among our Palestinian people abroad as to serve the project of emancipation from the occupier, the "Palestinian Popular Conference for National Dialogue, Communication and Exchange of Expertise" platform will be launched.

In conclusion, PCPA affirms its gratitude for the souls of our heroic martyrs and prays to God to heal our valiant wounds, as it salutes our steadfast families on the path to liberating Palestine until Palestine’s turning into a state with the historic borders of Palestine and its capital Jerusalem becomes a reality rather than a dream and wishes the safety of our people, our nation and humanity under COVID-19 pandemic.

—The End—