National unity based on Palestinian agenda that preserves our people’s constants and aborts conspiracies, Hisham Abu Mahfouz

National unity based on Palestinian agenda that preserves our people’s constants and aborts conspiracies, Hisham Abu Mahfouz

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) welcomed the agreement of the Palestinian factions’ command on the need to urge a comprehensive popular resistance against the Israeli occupation, after the UAE's normalization with it, pointing out that these efforts are heading in the right direction.

Speaking to Arabi 21, Hisham Abu Mahfouz, PCPA’s deputy secretary-general, said:

“The command’s meeting in and of itself represents a historic shift in the Palestinian resistance against the occupation, as well as reaching consensus on commonalities, regarding the popular resistance against the occupation, or founding a political consensus that ends the vicious division, and paves the way for a consensual democratic system that achieves internal coexistence and strengthens resistance.”

He added:

“The picture, which was circulated yesterday of the meeting of Palestinian leaders, inspires hope that a new political era will start that will make use of the mistakes of the past and the challenges of the present, and introduces a new Palestinian political landscape that will thwart all the plots being hatched against the Palestinian cause.

Agreeing to form a committee of all factions to coordinate on the comprehensive popular resistance, then agreeing to form another committee to end the division that presents its vision in the next five weeks to the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization, would solidify the Palestinian position rejecting normalization and before it the deal of the century.”

Calling on the commanders of all the Palestinian factions, he said that:

“[they must] be armed with unity in the face of plans seeking to destroy the Palestinian cause, which passed from the American administration to some Arab capitals in the form of agreements for normalization and peace with an occupying usurper entity, which is still committing the most heinous crimes and violations against the defenseless Palestinian people.”

“What is required of all Palestinian forces at home and in the diaspora is to support the option of comprehensive national unity on the basis of a national program that preserves the Palestinian constants and aborts all the plots being hatched against our cause at home and abroad,” he added, necessitating that “all Palestinian entities at home and in the diaspora engage in a project to support the efforts of Palestinian unity, deepening the connection with the Arab and Islamic peoples, and working to block all attempts at normalization that bypass and challenge Palestinian rights.

The people of the Arab and Islamic world and the free people of the universe all stand by the Palestinian right and reject the liquidation attempts that regional and international powers seek. This is an important asset for the Palestinian cause that will fail all the efforts aiming at undermining it.”

He added:

"We hope that these meetings will be a prelude to reviving the Palestine Liberation Organization and electing the Palestinian National Council on democratic foundations that express the aspirations of the Palestinian people at home and abroad.”