European MP condemns "Israeli" demolition of Palestinian homes

European MP condemns "Israeli" demolition of Palestinian homes

The European Parliament member for the "Sinn Féin" party, Chris McManus, said that the European Union cannot continue to be silent, over the demolition of Palestinian properties and the construction of new settlement units.

The member of parliament added, in a press statement, that "Israel" demolished, between January and August of this year, about 118 Palestinian-owned buildings throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

He pointed out that "Israel" 's use of the term "buildings" is a denial of the fact that a large number of these buildings are family homes.

"The demolitions have resulted in the displacement of 191 people, including 116 children, and the destruction also included public buildings, leaving more than 1,400 people without access to services," he added.

He indicated that "Israel" is trying to hide behind the fact that the buildings did not have a permit, but he ignores the indication that it only has the authority to grant this permission and choose not to do so.

McManus called on EU leaders to stand with the oppressed people.

He said: "What is shocking is that the EU seeks to continue business as usual with "Israel", ignoring the fact that it demolishes at least 15 buildings each month whose construction is funded with EU funds."

"Is it reasonable to trade with a country that undermines our efforts to help the persecuted? he asked. "I checked the data and some of that funding came from Ireland," .

He stressed that "Israeli" actions aim to make the two-state solution impractical, because it is planting settlers in the area, which is part of the internationally recognized Palestinian state.

He demanded a halt to all demolitions and orders the settlers to leave the Palestinian lands they illegally occupied in the West Bank.

McManus said: "It is time for the European Union to stand up to" Israel "and make it clear that it is not ready to accept undermining its work in Palestine."

Source: Wikalat