PCPA Honours Excelling High School Graduates in Jordan-based Palestinian Refugees Camps

PCPA Honours Excelling High School Graduates in Jordan-based Palestinian Refugees Camps

On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad held an online event to honour excelling high school students in the Jordan-based Palestinian refugee camps. The event was titled: “Stars in the Shadow of Refugeedom”.

One of the event’s participants was Dr. Riad Yassin, an expert in international affairs and former director of the Palestine Union Committee, who addressed the influence union committees are having on Palestinian students’ affairs.

He said:

“Palestinians do not fail to prove themselves as worthy individuals wherever they are around the world. These students are, thus, a reward to Palestine, given their success and excellence.”

Commenting on the services provided by organizations and institutions to Palestinian students at the camps, Dr. Yassin said that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) offers grants to students wishing to pursue a university education, adding that it also has partnerships with several universities across Europe.

For her part, Lamia Abu Ayeshe, an activist, recounted snaps of her work within the Palestinian camps and the role the camps play in sharpening the personality traits of Palestinian students.

In the camps, she said: “Students have conquered difficulties and the little space they are given. They excelled. Palestinian students always prove themselves through success and excellence on both levels, the high school and university education.”

The event also hosted the Palestinian artist Abdulfatah al-Sawyani who presented several national songs, and a number of excelling students who achieved a GPA between 97 and 100%, each of whom recounted stories of success in the high school, their experiences, and challenges they faced.