BDS: Malaysia is winning over Palestine and disappointing the "Israeli" enemy

BDS: Malaysia is winning over Palestine and disappointing the "Israeli" enemy

The Palestinian National Committee for the Boycott of "Israel", the leadership of the boycott movement (BDS), said that Malaysia has won for Palestine and disappointed the hopes of the "Israeli" enemy.

In a statement, the boycott committee pointed out that the Malaysian Foreign Ministry categorically denied what was reported in the media about its intention to normalize relations with "Israel", stressing its adherence to supporting the Palestinian cause and the struggle of the Palestinian people against the "Israeli" colonial and apartheid regime.

The BDS Committee saluted the Malaysian people and government for their decisive stance on normalization and standing by the Palestinian people and their just cause.

The boycott committee called on all Arab and Islamic countries to abide by the positions of the overwhelming majority of their people, which reject normalization with the "Israeli" enemy and support the people's struggle for liberation, return and self-determination.

Last week, the "Israeli" Minister of Regional Cooperation, Issawi Freij, stated that "the Sultanate of Oman, Tunisia, Qatar and Malaysia may join the normalization agreements."

Immediately after that, Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, in a statement, strongly denied the validity of the "Israeli" minister's statement in which he claimed that Malaysia might join the Abraham agreements and normalize relations with "Israel", stressing his country's commitment to supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people. 

Source: Palestinian Refugee Portal