Speech of Majid Al-Zeer, at the meeting of General Secretariat of Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Speech of Majid Al-Zeer, at the meeting of General Secretariat of Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Sisters and brothers, members of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad,

Allow me to salute your honorable meeting, which comes after a compulsive interruption due to the Corona pandemic, which affected all aspects of life in the world and killed millions of people, including our people, our nation and even the members of our conference, May their souls rest in peace. We ask God safety and wellness for all, and we recommend ourselves to take safety measures in our movement, activities and events in the future.

sisters and brothers,

Your honorable meeting comes a few months after achieving a great victory for our people in many titles, the most important of which is Jerusalem and its centrality in the Palestinian collective conscience. In particular, the fourth victory which showed the extension of the power elements of our people abroad and supporters of our cause in the world.

Undoubtedly, what was achieved last May heralds the imminence of the restoration of all rights.

It is the responsibility of our conference and its leadership represented by you to capture these achievements and build upon them in the arenas of the world in which the Palestinians abroad are distributed.

What has been achieved during the past four years since February 2017 until now, increases the responsibility. I mean the consolidation of the component of the Palestinians abroad in the national collective awareness as an integral part of the unity of our people, and also the emergence of your generous constellation as a general secretariat as a cohesive team, in addition to the achievements in establishing effective quality events and activities and building relationships at the national, regional and even international levels in favor of supporting our rights. I refer in particular to the distinguished relationship that was established with the Palestine Committee in the Jordanian Parliament, as well as creating platforms and platforms for dialogues in national affairs, especially reference and representation.Finally, the qualitative attendance of the conference in the world of new media, which is led by an elite of the conference’s youth. I do not forget the establishment of effective and influential arms for the conference, such as the Association of Palestinian Women Abroad, and other things that we see from our position in the conference and are proud of.

This does not mean that there are no negative sides. Most importantly, what we achieved was not at the level of ambition, potential and the fertile environment available, and that it could be more than it was.

We believe that the features of the conference plan in the coming period to achieve its desired goals are to emphasize and develop the positive sides and try to remedy the negative ones.

Here comes the strategic importance of the upcoming upcoming general conference, in which a thousand personalities will gather to constitute a turning point in the history of the conference and the march of our people abroad, and it will undoubtedly have an impact on the general Palestinian movement if it was carried out properly.

Here, I invite you from my position, each in his name, to the next general assembly meeting, which will take place simultaneously with the convening of the general conference. Invitations will be sent to all, each in his name.

Personal invitations will also be sent to the nominated personalities to attend the general conference.

We affirm that all administrative and organizational steps will be carried out in full coordination as a single working team with the General Secretariat represented by the honorable Professor Mounir Shafiq, the Secretary-General and his deputy, Engineer Hisham Abu Mahfouz.

I renew my greetings to you

I hope to see you soon

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God

your brother, Majed Al-Zeer

Acting Chairman of the General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad.