PACA Coverage: Anti-annexation movements worldwide

PACA Coverage: Anti-annexation movements worldwide

With the start of July, a beginning holding an ominous promise of annexation pledged months ago by the Prime Minister of the Israeli Occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, several countries around the world witnessed protests, sit-ins and rallies, including in Palestine and refugees camps in countries of asylum, which condemned the Israeli plans aiming at annexing the Jordan Valley and the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian people, activists and advocates from the Islamic world, the Arab region and from different parts across the universe took to the streets to express their support of the Palestinian cause and its faire struggle.

In this report, the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) monitors a number of these actions, which share the same sentiment—namely an ultimate protest against the annexation plans and the settlement policies.

West Bank and Gaza Strip

In the occupied West Bank, dozens of Palestinians demonstrated in the city of Ramallah, protesting against the annexation plans, three of whom were wounded by Israeli soldiers’ rubber bullets near Beit El checkpoint north of the city.

Last week, in Ariha city a Fatah-organized rally encompassed thousands of Palestinians as well, who gathered in the city of Bethlehem. A similar protest was held in the city of Gaza, also witnessing a massive number of people raging against the annexation. The protest was called for by the national and Islamic forces, after a National Conference was organized to challenge the annexation plans.

As the commanders of the Palestinian factions placed themselves in the large-scale protest’s frontlines in Gaza, people from Wadi Ara also rallied, which caused the arrest of a young man, according to Arab 48, for a huge number of Israeli police were mobilized to the area’s entrances.

Day of Rage in Lebanon

Palestinian camps and communities in Lebanon also were a site to a number of demonstrations and sit-ins, in what is called the Day of Rage by the joint Palestinian Action Committee in Lebanon in rejection of the Israeli annexation plan.

At a massive sit-in in the Burj al-Barajneh camp, on behalf of the Alliance of Palestinian Forces (APF), the representative of Hamas movement in Lebanon, Dr. Ahmed Abdulhadi said that the fact that the people in the West Bank and Gaza and all of its whereabouts took to the streets on the same day is an evidence of the unity in the face of this aggression.

He added, defining that aggression as the one,

"Lurking in annexing parts of the West Bank, which aims to grab more Palestinian lands, in order to threaten the presence of the Palestinian people on their land.”

"The Palestinian camps are rising today in Lebanon in defense of their right to return, the liberation of Jerusalem, and self-determination,” he accentuated, adding that there are 12 million Palestinians who are today in an intifada challenging this project, seeking to bring it down as well as other projects.

Similar protests were held at the Palestinian refugee camps of Mar Elias, Shatila, Ain al-Hilweh, Miyeh w Miyeh, Wadi El Zayni, Nahr al-Bared, al-Badawi north of Lebanon, along with al-Jalil in Beqaa Governorate.

Human chain in the Capital Amman

For the second time this week, the National Alliance to Face Up to Trump’s Deal of Century in Jordan organized a "Human Chain" in protest of the Israeli occupation’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

The protestors raised the following slogans: "No for annexation, Palestine is not for sale, annexation is a war declaration, no for an alternative homeland, Palestine from the river to the sea."

The Jordanian government was also asked to interfere to "stop all normalization projects, foremost of which is the Wadi Araba agreement, the gas agreement with the occupation."

The event is part of a series of actions launched by the Islamic movement, as it announced a central event next Friday in front of the American embassy in Amman.

Jordanian parties (Islamic, leftist, and nationalist) asked the government to cancel the gas agreement with the Israeli entity, in response to the annexation plan.

Protest in front of the American consulate in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, Germany, a protest was held in front of the American Consulate headquarters to stress the rejection of the Israeli decision to annex the Jordan Valley and parts of the West Bank, and in support of the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, freedom and independence.

The demonstration was attended by: members of the Palestinian community in Hesse, the Federation of Palestinian Communities in Germany, the Jewish Voice for Peace group, German and Arab activists and many institutions and entities.

The Palestinian community organizes activities against the Israeli annexation in several Dutch cities

The Palestinian community in the Netherlands, in partnership with the Dutch Samdoun Foundation, organized a protest in front of the Israeli embassy in the city of Hague, in refusal of the Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley and areas in the occupied West Bank, both Palestinian and Dutch citizens took to the street.

The Palestinian community held a sit-in in front of the American Consulate in the capital, Amsterdam, during which the protesters expressed their rejection of the Israeli decision and demanded that it be confronted in support of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

The protestors called on the Dutch government to take practical steps in confronting the decision and holding the occupation accountable.

The protestors raised the Palestinian flag and a large map of historical Palestine, displaying the names of the occupied Palestinian cities.

Protest in Austria

Pro-Palestinian groups in Vienna demanded that the Austrian government take action against Israeli plans to annex occupied territory in the West Bank.

Protests in UK

The Palestinian community in northwest of Britain, in partnership with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and the joint and supportive institutions advocating the Palestinian cause, organized a protest against the Israeli annexation plan and demanded the expulsion of the Elbit Arms Factory from Oldham, which provides technology services and equipment for "drones" that the Israeli occupation’s army use to kill our children.

Another pro-Palestinian anti annexation protest was held in Moss Side/Whalley Range in Manchester, which witnessed a good turn out on the five corners of Brooks Bar. The protest was organized by Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Manchester and Manchester Palestine Action.

Additionally, around 30 members of the Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine staged a 'socially distanced' protest to raise awareness of the plight of people living on Israel's West Bank.

Protest in Turkey

The Turkish protesters also organized a protest in front of the Israeli consulate building in Istanbul, to confirm their rejection of the plan to annex parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

The protest was held by members of the "Friends of Palestine against Imperialism and Zionism" forum, during which they chanted anti-occupation slogans, and others supportive of Palestine.

The protestors carried many signs bearing phrases such as “Jerusalem for the Palestinians", "We stand by our Palestinian brothers" and "Down with American imperialism".

The activist, a member of the forum, "Naz Sakar", in a statement to reporters on behalf of the protesters, stressed opposition to the two-state solution, wishing that Israel be brought to its demise.

She described the Israeli entity as "cancer", which seeks to spread in the region, adding that it is not possible to coexist with this disease.

Two protests in Barcelona and Zaragoza

In the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​many Spanish parties supporting the cause of the Palestinian people participated in a protest organized by the Palestinian Community Association, the "BDS" movement, and the Palestinian Home in Barcelona in opposition to the Israeli occupation’s plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

The protest was held in front of the Barcelona City Hall, with the participation of representatives of the Socialist Party, the Catalan Communist Party, the Republican Left and the UGT.CCOO.

In the city of Zaragoza, the Palestinian House organized, in cooperation with the Spanish parties, a sit in in the central square, "Spain Square", in opposition to the annexation plan.

The organizers of the two events called on the Spanish government and European governments collectively to recognize the Palestinian state in response to the intransigence of the occupation and its challenge to the international community and its international resolutions.

They called for pausing the dealings with the occupation government and imposing sanctions on it so that it can adhere to the international legitimacy.

A protest in front of the American Embassy in Johannesburg, South Africa

Dozens of solidarity activists in South Africa organized a protest in front of the American embassy in Johannesburg - South Africa, rejecting the annexation plans.

Participants raised the Palestinian flag, banners reading freedom for Palestine, and delivered several speeches of solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause.

Protest in South Korea

Organized by human rights institutions in South Korea, the protest was an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and a rejection of the Israeli annexation plans.

Participants raised the Palestinian flag and banners in three languages, Korean, English and Arabic, stressing the rejection of the annexation and demanding freedom for Palestine.

Sit-in in front of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry headquarters in Oslo

The Norwegian capital, Oslo, witnessed a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to confirm the rejection of the annexation decision and the plundering of Palestinian land.

The sit-in came at the invitation of the Chairman and members of the Palestine Committee and representatives of the Norwegian civil society parties and organizations, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to the State of Palestine Antoinette Sedin.

The protesters raised the Palestinian flag as a part of the popular e-campaign launched by activists and representatives of 27 Norwegian organizations in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people in the face of annexation schemes.

Protests in Greece

In the Greek capital, Athens, thousands of Greeks demonstrated in front of the embassy of the Israeli entity in Athens, denouncing the Israeli annexation plan, and raging against the occupation and settlement, in support of the freedom and rights of our Palestinian people, at the invitation of mass organizations affiliated to the Greek Communist Party.

Protests in the US

Several American states also witnessed demonstrations and protests condemning the Israeli occupation plan to annex occupied Palestinian lands, and denouncing the occupation policy against the Palestinian people.

Participants in the demonstrations that took place in Brooklyn, New York State, Chicago, and San Francisco, raised the Palestinian flag.

They chanted slogans condemning the annexation plan, the crimes of the occupation, and the American policy hostile to the Palestinian people, which is absolutely biased towards the occupation, calling for dropping these plans.

In Texas, participants in a press conference held by the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic community, and American institutions, in the presence of clerics and members of the Democratic Party, municipalities, and American civil society organizations who support the Palestinian cause, confirmed their rejection of the annexation plan, which Netanyahu intends to implement with the support of the Trump administration.

They stressed the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and obtaining their rights, expressing their rejection of the unjust Israeli apartheid regime.

They affirmed a rejection of annexation and settlement and the "deal of the century", demanding that the Trump administration stop its support and blatant bias to the occupation, in violation of the resolutions and charters of the United Nations and international laws that support the Palestinian right to liberation and independence.

Speakers at the conference called on Trump to respect the Security Council resolutions regarding Palestine, especially Resolution No. 2334, which is anti-settlement.

They expressed their hope that the new generations in America will change the American position on the Palestinian issue, especially after their way of thinking and view of the policies of the American government began to shift.