PCPA Calls for National Unison in the Face of Zionism

PCPA Calls for National Unison in the Face of Zionism

Today, May 15, 2020, marks the 72nd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba/Catastrophe, which this year corresponds to a pandemic, affecting humanity as a whole, in sync to a sweeping political and humanitarian crisis, which started by uprooting our people from its homeland in 1948—the second crisis is, however, a persistent one, continuing to the day while the Occupation keeps violating the land and desecrating the holy shrines.

In the past, there were the ominous Balfour Declaration, Sykes-Picot, and San Rem treaties, which cut deep into the nation’s body. Today, there is the Trump Declaration and the US Administration’s adoption of the Zionist vision and narrative, based on robbing people of their rights, annexing Golan and the West Bank, as well as recognizing Jerusalem/al-Quds as the capital of the alleged entity, not to mention the attempt at faking the nation’s collective memory through episodes of normalization with regimes, and the latter’s rush to embrace the entity as a natural part of the region. Nonetheless, on the other side, there are 72 years of struggle, steadfastness and sacrifice, as well as holding firm to rights and anchors, investing souls for the sake of homeland, which is worthy of a people’s sacrifice, a people that can write history with letters shaped by the blood of martyrs and the wounds of its children. Yesterday, using the stones of the bombarded house of al-Barghouthi, shelled as an act of injustice and hostility, our sons have made a weapon with which they render dead one of the Zionist repression’s soldiers, indicating that who has the spirit of resistance residing within him can make miracles, and also can bring down the Zionist enterprise, with it all the delusions of a settlement and giving up on rights;

In response, the Palestinians abroad, whom the Oslo Accords have made homeless, neutralizing their role, while they abducted their struggle, the Palestine Liberation Organization/ PLO, are emerging from the womb of pain to garb back this role and this right through the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad/PCPA, in partnership with all the national powers of our people and all its resistant factions, carving a path for liberation, return and uprooting the Zionist enterprise from the depths where it has settled. Triggered by this, the PCPA’s General Secretariat calls for the following:

Affirming that the Palestinian cause is the core of the struggle in the region, and that the Arab and Islamic nation, as well as the free-souls of the universe are all partners in the battle of diminishing the Zionist entity that afflicted our homeland and region.

Announcing dead the Oslo treaties, erasing all their catastrophic traces and turning back to the strife, resorting to all available means, on top of which is armed struggle, stated by all laws and legislations, heavenly and international.

Putting an end to all forms of cooperation and normalization with the Zionist enemy, and withdrawing any recognition of its illegal entity, for it stands as a violation to the principles of the International Law.

Calling upon all the Palestinian factions and alert forces of our people to unite over an integral national strategy, that restores the Palestinian household into order, based on reconstructing the PLO, in accordance with new foundations, reported in the PCPA’s statement of foundation.

Urging the Arab audiences to bring life back to the Arab official reality, which has become deteriorated and miserable, manifested in an unprecedented hastiness towards normalization with the Zionist entity, in praising it and also receiving its leaders in a number of Arab capital cities.

Triggering the Arab and Islamic audiences, in addition to the liberals of the globe to revive the matrix of solidarity with the Palestinian people, bringing it back to the status it held in the seventies of the past century.

Refusing all the measures taken by the Zionist enemy, including the annexation of Golan and the West Bank, as well as changing the features of the holy city, as they represent a violation of all related international laws.

Saluting the audiences of our Palestinian people wherever they are, for their steadfastness and sacrifices over the past years of Nakba.

Saluting our people in al-Quds, the capital of Palestine, and calling them to be further aware and to invest additional efforts in combating the schemes of the Zionist enemy, which seek to exploit the pandemic to put into effect its plans of changing the city’s landmarks and to take over the holy sites it incubates.

Saluting our heroic prisoners, captivated in the Zionist jails and calling the forces of resistance to conduct an agreement that would release them from the jailer’s cuffs and bring them back to the embrace of their families, people and homeland.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs

A soon recovery to our wounded heroes

Freedom to our brave prisoners

General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Beirut, May 15, 2020