National figures and factions’ representatives demand reconstructing the PLO

National figures and factions’ representatives demand reconstructing the PLO

On Wednesday, July 22, 2020 — several national figures and representatives of the Palestinian resistance factions discussed the Israeli land-grab based plans, which seek to annex further soil in Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Jordan Valley and Golan Heights, participating in a seminar titled “Factions and national forces’ role in combating the grab of West Bank, Jerusalem and Golan Heights.”

The participants addressed the means needed to face the plans of the Israeli occupation and challenging the Deal of the Century, as well as the annexation schemes, the latter being an instrumental part of the Zionist-American deal.

Concerning these means, they stressed the importance of reinforcing the intra-Palestinian relations through an actual national unity, which an Arab, Islamic and international popular opinion must back, in addition to reaching out to all countries to join the efforts in the battle against the Zionist enemy and advocate the Palestinian position.

Furthermore, they stressed the necessity to impose a sense of unity onto the Palestinian position by reconstructing the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as to include all the Palestinian factions, supported by a national agenda that brings together all the national forces.

They accentuated that it is crucial to brace the role of resistance, of all forms, to counter the decisions and plans of the Zionist enemy, agreeing to the opinion saying that armed resistance is the only choice to challenge the occupation.

The participants called for a popular mobilization inside and outside Palestine in keeping with a clear agenda that is based on a multidimensional struggle, inviting also Arab peoples to stand by the Palestinians and their cause while they oppose threats and challenges.

The attendees highlighted the importance of achieving a unity between the Palestinian factions, which follows clear national guidelines, cautioning against the threats lurking in a failure to realize such a unity and agreeing to hold a seminar of a wider-scope after Eid al-Adha.