Education and raising awareness are essential tools in defending our Palestinian Cause, Dr. Ahmad Al-Kayali

Education and raising awareness are essential tools in defending our Palestinian Cause, Dr. Ahmad Al-Kayali

Vice President of the Palestinian Academics Union, Dr. Ahmad al-Kayali, said:

"Awareness and education on the one hand, and defense of the central issue on the other hand, as well as the statement of religious, legal, historical and political right is the way intellectuals and academics defend their homeland.”

In an exclusive statement to "Palestinians abroad", he said:

"We as academics carry out a type of jihad / holy struggle that I call cultural jihad, which is no less important than the other types of jihad that we know.”

Lately, the Union of Palestinian Academics held an academic seminar entitled "Jerusalem’s Reality: Future Indicators and Elements of Resilience" which coincided with the fifty-first anniversary of the Al-Aqsa Mosque arsons.

Furthermore, al-Kayali explained that the message they wanted to convey through the seminar is that "Palestine is the central issue of the Arab and Islamic nation, and that Al-Aqsa Mosque is the core of the issue, and Jerusalem is the compass of the struggle.”

For the seminar’s purposes, he noted, the academics presented eight research papers that addressed key ideological, political, cultural, historical, social and legal aspects.

Al-Kayali indicated that the academics stressed the need to strengthen the elements of resilience among Jerusalemites in the face of the occupation’s measures and its attempts to empty the city of its people, and to provide them with all forms of financial, legal, psychological and social support intensively.

He stated that the participants urged directing efforts as to focus on the Palestinian Arab political sovereignty over occupied Jerusalem in addition to religious sovereignty, and considering Jerusalem an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories by virtue of international law.

Al-Kayali said that the academics called for establishing a center for Jerusalem studies, to collect special historical documents, particularly Ottoman ones.

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian Academics Union is a scholarly entity that serves the Palestinian academic situation, so that it becomes an inclusive institution for all Palestinian academics wherever they are.