Final Communiqué of the Second General Assembly Meeting

Final Communiqué of the Second General Assembly Meeting
In the name of Allah the Merciful
Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
Final Communiqué of the Second General Assembly Meeting

Istanbul, 29-30 June 2018

The General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad held its second meeting in Istanbul on 29 and 30 June 2018, under the slogan “Al-Quds is our capital and return is our march”. Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, Chairman of the General Assembly, opened the meeting. The General Assembly discussed the work of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad within 15 months since its first session, interspersed with important stations from the history of our people and its cause. The General Assembly appreciated the movements, events and activities that the conference has held since its inception, including the Balfour Declaration centennial and the 70th anniversary of the Nakba and developments related to Al-Quds and supporting the great return march and the prisoners' strikes.
The General Assembly reviewed the points on the agenda of the meeting and approved the accession of the new members to the General Assembly. It approved the completion of the registration of the conference in several countries, in order to broaden the base of the conference's spread in the Palestinian exile around the world. The General Assembly approved the report of the Secretariat, the financial report, the statute and the strategic plan. It also discussed the projects submitted by members of the General Assembly and referred them to the relevant committees.
At the conclusion of its work, the General Assembly concluded:
The General Assembly reaffirms its commitment to the founding statement of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad as a reference document for the Conference on its fixed positions.
The General Assembly salutes the great return march that took place from the Gaza Strip towards our occupied territories, which drew a mass epic in a spirit of patriotism and unity, which underscored the determination of our people and their determination to extract its rights to return no matter how long it takes, the General Assembly salutes the marches that took place in the West Bank and in the occupied territories in 1948 and the borders of Palestine in Jordan and Lebanon; and other supporting mass events around the world.
The General Assembly pays tribute to the masses of our people in occupied Palestine and its successive uprisings against the occupation, and commends the victory of our people in Al-Quds in the battle of electronic gates, which proved the importance of the method of the popular uprising to extract the rights and break the will of the occupation.
The General Assembly stresses the importance of strengthening efforts to support the steadfastness and steadfast resistance of our people in the occupied territory and to stop the shameful security coordination with the occupation.
As the General Assembly monitors the growing attack on our cause and international and regional developments associated with the so-called “Deal of the Century”, which began with the declaration of the US President that Al-Quds is the capital of the Zionist entity and the transfer of the US Embassy to it. It affirms its rejection of this new project, which threatens the Palestinian cause; it warns of the threats and dangers it poses in various areas. The General Assembly expresses its confidence that our people and nation are capable of mobilizing forces and concerted efforts to counter and thwart this plan.
It also appreciates the movement of the people around the world and the Arab and international positions in the face of the Trump decision on Al-Quds, and stresses the importance of continuing this movement and developing attitudes, further isolating the US and Zionist position.
The General Assembly rejects the accelerated normalization with the Zionist entity in its various forms, and demands that the Arab public pressure on the parties cooperating with the enemy, whatever they are, and addressing these falling levels from the initial commitment to Palestine; which also entails risks and harm to the interests of the countries and peoples and their national security. The General Assembly calls for avoiding the Palestinian cause any internal and sectarian conflicts in the Arab region, while stressing the consolidation of all efforts towards Palestine.
The General Assembly stresses that the task of developing the national role of the Palestinians abroad and their participation in the Palestinian political decision must be based on the restructuring of the Palestine Liberation Organization as the legitimate representative of all Palestinians through democratic and fair elections for the election of a new National Council, leading to an executive committee and a comprehensive national program after getting rid of the Oslo Agreement and to eliminate its harmful consequences for the rights of the Palestinian people, and in this context, the General Assembly considered the last meeting of the National Council held in the city of Ramallah under the flames of the Zionist occupation, that was a meeting with incomplete representation and legitimacy. The General Assembly also stresses that in order to meet the current political benefits, the outputs of the Palestinian national dialogue, including the activation of the unified Palestinian leadership framework, should be reactivated.
The General Assembly calls for lifting the siege on our people in the Gaza Strip in all its forms and stopping the PA's sanctions in Ramallah, and condemns the repression of the freedoms of the Palestinian masses and the restriction on freedom of expression.
The General Assembly affirms its support for the call for the establishment of a global coalition against racial discrimination and the apartheid Zionist system, and calls for intensifying efforts to expose the crimes of the Zionist entity at the international level and to refer Zionist war criminals to the International Criminal Court and calls for supporting all initiatives, efforts and movements in this field, including Boycotts, de-investments and sanctions. It also calls on all friendly countries to abide by international law and immediately to sever any relations with the Zionist entity wherever they exist.
The General Assembly warns of the dangers of targeting UNRWA and weakening it and its implications for the Palestinian refugees and the consequent increase in the suffering of the Palestinian people. The General Assembly affirms the need for the Agency to continue to carry out its duties towards our people; until the return to its land and its abandoned homes. And calls for lifting the forms of suffering and collective and individual punishment and displacement of all the Palestinian people in the places of asylum, and provide decent living and protection and safety, and give it all human and civil rights.In conclusion, the General Assembly pledged to the Palestinian people to continue to mobilize the energies of Palestinians abroad and their potentials, to preserve the principles of our people, defend their rights, rebuild their representative institutions and achieve the widest national unity to launch a popular uprising. The Assembly salutes our families, wounded and heroic martyrs, and pledges to continue the struggle to wrest the rights of our people in freedom, return and liberation. The General Assembly calls upon all the Palestinian people abroad to participate in the popular conference and to contribute all possible efforts in the service of the Palestinian rights.

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