The Israeli occupation manipulating COVID-19 to implement its plans, Hisham Abu Mahfouz

The Israeli occupation manipulating COVID-19 to implement its plans, Hisham Abu Mahfouz

In a statement to the Assabeel, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, Hisham Abu Mahfouz, affirmed that the "Israeli" occupation is exploiting the world's preoccupation with the Coronavirus crisis and works to consolidate its control over the Palestinian territories by implementing its plans, based on persistent attempts at Judaization and setting up settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

He said:

"The last policy adopted by the occupation was the plan to annex the Jordan Valley and areas in the occupied West Bank, through turning the plans into binding laws within the decision-making circle of the Israeli entity.”

Commenting on the nature of the Jordanian role in confronting the Israeli threat, Abu Mahfouz said:

"We appreciate the Jordanian role, and we are working to strengthen it through the Hashemite guardianship over the holy sites. We had contact with the Palestine Committee in the Jordanian Parliament, and there are efforts to empower and back this role, as to be one hand in preserving the rights of the Palestinian people and preserving its sanctities."

He stressed the importance of working to confront this policy, and the need for Palestinian, Arab and Islamic efforts to unite to snatch the opportunity from the Zionist occupation, which otherwise it will use to implement its settlement projects, and to work to end the occupation and return the refugees.

Abu Mahfouz announced the launch of the political and media campaign, "Down with the annexation," indicating its most prominent objectives, which are "confronting Zionist policies, blocking the road to the Zionist expansion project in occupied Palestine, defending the occupied West Bank and every inch of Palestine and the Arab lands, and confronting the accelerated annexation and settlement infiltration policy."

In the name of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, he stressed that the positions rejecting the plans and policies of the occupation are of a high value, calling for a unified Palestinian strategy to thwart Zionist policies, that the Palestinian Authority work to actually end the Oslo Accords and stop security coordination with the occupation, and to comply with the choice of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation.

Source: Jordanian Assabeel Newspaper.